Highrises need EV charging

Re. Alan Sanderson's letter Where is the EV charging? (Castanet, May 18)

I have the same question about a lack of EV charging in new highrises.

I live in a new 36-story tower with more than 200 units and there are no EV charging stations.

I was told there will likely be some once the second tower of about 200 more units opens this summer. Hopefully there will be an adequate number to service the two buildings.

Even if there are 20 EV stations when the new building opens it will be a logistical nightmare trying to use one while potentially 500 other residents also want to charge their cars.

Why is the city and the province allowing new towers to be built without adequate EV charging available?

With the push to eliminate gas vehicles in a few years, every new building should have an EV station at least roughed at to every parking stall.

Why would anyone buy a $1million-plus condo in a new building without asking about EV availability? We all know it is coming.

L. Willerton

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