Change grocery store music

The other day I was in a grocery store. The atmosphere was frenzied perhaps because the music blasting was chaotic.

After picking out a few items miserably, my mind was frantic. Was it my ADHD kicking in? Was it the crowd of other frantic shoppers?

I reflected on my daughter, who is now a young mom of two little boys, who, also, all hate shopping. I was there shopping for them.

I still had 45 more items on my list. How was I going to continue? I couldn’t, not there.

I marched to the checkout to find that the cost of my two grocery items was so high my blood pressure soared.

Sitting in my 2020 Grand Caravan, I closed my eyes and after a prayer for peace and a sigh of relief.

I reflected on a brighter day. There I was in New York City at Westside Market on Broadway and 97th Street pushing my shopping cart. I was loading brie, camembert, blue cheese, organic raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, pineapples and pears into my cart. I leisurely walked through the grocery aisles listening to the beautiful throw back ‘70s music I could always count on there. I never wanted to leave, lol. One good song after another kept me shopping. There were always others enjoying the music too. We would exchange smiles and suggestions.

I would shop for what seemed like hours and when my cart could hold no more I’d head to pay my bill. It’s amazing what good music will do! I never left there paying anywhere near my budget but the experience was always so beautiful, peaceful, and dare I say magical. I just didn’t care.

I’d had my fix for social change and I’d felt love in my grocery experience!

I wanted to linger, I wanted to shop and I wanted to hear just one more up beat song I could sing along with.I wanted to smile, I wanted to be smiled at and I experienced joy. Because of that I returned often.

If all it takes to offer this in Kelowna is a simple change in music, from frantic to calm or even classical, to help people like me want to be there and buy so many more items over and above our lists, why not?

Walk in, listen, attract and maintain the desire to be there. That’s how I go from being disgruntled at the till when two items cost $35 to paying over $500 every time without batting an eye.

In the immortal words of (singer)Raffi:

“All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly and love in my family”.

We all need to eat, imagine the influence for social change the grocery store could be if our daily song that lingers longer than bread alone was infused in our mind here?

Monica Iwanowsky

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