Can't change history

Re. Province to invest $789 million in new Royal B.C. Museum set to open in 2030 (Castanet, May 13)

So, our premier wants to waste ($789 million) to build a museum displaying B.C.’s history but it will be decolonized, meaning it will be a completely false because the history of this province is all about colonization, as it was the British who developed it into what we know today and, in fact, it's called British Columbia.

Some groups want that name to be changed as well. History is what it is. It can't be changed, no matter how good or ugly.

Never mind the political correctness, the cost of this (new) museum is insane considering there are so many more issues that need attention, such as homelessness and affordable housing.

Also, unless you travel to Victoria you will never go to this museum.

Lastly, who do you think will pay for this place? B.C. taxpayers, that's who.

A Mullins

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