Don't like Trees? Move

Re. Heather Friesen's letter Trees before housing wrong (Castanet, May 17)

If (Heather Friesen) dislikes much-needed trees so much, why doesn't she move to the desert?

Trees are extremely important, provide oxygen, shelter for not only us but all the animals that depend on it.

Kelowna is already way too overbuilt to handle its infrastructure and has already lost way too many trees as a result of development, forest fires, etc.

Move to a bigger city like Calgary. I moved away from there several years ago to escape the lack of trees, lakes, etc.

Personally, I think we should put a sign up that says “Kelowna is full” and is not willing to destroy more trees, which are desperately needed for our ecology. Everyone who thinks like her should just go elsewhere.

We don't want to turn into a desert, Heather. I guess if you don't care about trees, lakes, infrastructure, etc. its time for you to move from B.C.

Beverly Ryder

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