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Highrises were envisioned

I find it unfortunately amusing all the letters about there being too many (highrise) towers in Kelowna, and about those that are proposed.

If people truly cared about the proliferation of towers in Kelowna, they should be more involved and knowledgeable.

Do any of these letter writers know that the City of Kelowna had an online survey just before the 2018 election regarding towers? There were four options and none of those included (an option of) not building towers.

All four options showed towers being built from the lake back to almost Ethel Street along the highway.

Arriving in Kelowna from the Westside, it would be similar to driving in downtown Vancouver or Toronto in a valley of highrises. Oh, and good luck finding the information on the city's website.

Of course everyone complains about city council but it seems everyone votes for the same names and faces.

M.Boyer, Kelowna

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