Not a Poilievre fan

Canada now has it’s own Donald Trump.

The populist (Conservative party MP nd leadership candidate) Pierre Poilievre is following the exact steps that led the former U.S. president to power.

Compare the two. Poilievre is well-recognized as an “attack dog” that is vicious in his condemnation of government policies and fellow MPs, without offering mature and logical alternatives. His main priority is a balanced budget, despite the unprecedented challenges the current government has faced.

I know exactly how he would have handled the COVID-19 crisis. He would have, no doubt, solved our problems by cutting taxes for wealthy shareholders, while slashing the social net programs—“Reaganomics.” “Freedom” for the rich to avoid taxes and “freedom” for the poor to look after themselves (a long-time Conservative policy).

He appeals to populists just as Trump did in the U.S. “Freedom” or “M.A.G.A.” (Make America Great Again), (there’s) no difference.

Not once have I witnessed him tie our current challenges to globalism or climate change, quite the opposite. He does not discuss the global product shortage and supply-chain issues due to COVID-19. He never addresses the global food shortages due to climate change and poor harvests.

He is probably unaware of significant impending restaurant price increases because of worldwide cooking oil shortages. He does not acknowledge the corporate price gouging under the guise of inflation.

In his recent revelation of the book he is currently reading, “The Twelve Rules of Life,” is a true revelation of exactly who Poilievre is. Jordan Petersen - the self-help guru who espouses his far-right agenda and is a wannabe prophet but is recognized by intelligent and educated people as an opportunist and a fraud. He’s Poilievre’s hero.

Poilievre is a scary person and plays on the greed of the wealthy and the hope of the uneducated, just as Trump did. This, coupled with his aggressive juvenile behaviour and lack of decency towards even his own Conservative colleagues, should disqualify him for leadership of the Conservative Party.

But Poilievre is “running to be prime minister,” unlike the other candidates who are just running to be the Conservative leader. Such arrogance.

Patrick MacDonald, Kelowna

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