Letter: Time for Peace

To the editor:

Hello... are you crazy? I do not often write in letters to the editor, but this is indeed too much. I gratefully and happily took part in Saturday’s peace March, as I want to show my 100% support for peace in Iraq. How can you be so selfish and ignorant to believe in the literal translation of the Bible which claims war as necessary and just? Yes, indeed it is upsetting and wrong that your fellow Christian pastors or whomever have been prosecuted by certain Iraqi officials, but is by NO MEANS a justification for the thousands of civilians that have been, and continue to be, murdered for the sake of power and oil by the filthy and corrupt USA’s leaders.

Please, wake up and read an independently published media journal once in a while! The Iraqi people need to be free from the control of the US. They have about as much right to be there as I do showing up in your house and stealing your most prized and expensive possessions. The issue In Iraqi is much more complex than you could probably ever imagine.

-T. Bigras

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