Talk to convoy supporters

The (truck) convoy is not just a bunch of unvaxxed truckers driving to Ottawa.

These people are from every walk of life. They are vaxxed, unvaxxed, fathers, mothers, children, veterans, First Nations, Farmers, everybody. If you would take 10 minutes out of your day and watch the thousands of videos that have been posted. You'll see the thousands of people standing on the side of the road cheering them on because they support the message.

There are people standing out in -30 weather just waiting to see and support—mothers with small children that are holding signs saying they want to play with their friends again,, Hutterite women who have cooked for days to feed the whole convoy, supporters waiting for hours to just shake their hands and cheer for them, Indigenous people smudging on the side of the road.

This is no small fringe minority, this is a massive, massive movement of the people who that are tired of masking, tired of being forced to get the jab to work, tired of showing proof of (vaccination) status, tired of covering the mouths of their children, tired of all the mandates.

Please watch the videos of all these people coming together and listen to what they are saying and I promise you that it will bring you to tears hearing the kids talk about how they are so happy and excited for the future where they can play freely with their friends and excited to not wear a mask all day in school. They are so happy to see all the truckers and freedom fighters fight for them.

This convoy is not about the trucking mandates, it is about dropping mandates for all.

The Canadian Truckers’ Association does not agree with it because it can’t.

Please just take a minute and read and listen to the people who are passionate about this movement, have a conversation with them, sit down and have a coffee with them.

I, along with (many other) people, support it.

Raylene Lachowsky

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