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Re: Patrick MacDonald’s letter Convoy misguided (Castanet, Jan. 27)

I couldn’t agree more with Patrick MacDonalds’ comments.

Firstly, to the truckers, we know the majority of you are caring wonderful folks and we need you as much as other essential service employees. We appreciate you and understand the risks you are taking getting goods fo us. Thank you.

But to the small percentage who are not vaccinated and all the anti-vaxxers who are supporting the trucker convoy, you need to grow up people, start thinking about your fellow Canadians and get vaccinated.

You are no more special than anyone else in this country. You should be helping all citizens to the best of your ability. If you were not so obstinate, you would have willingly rolled up your sleeve at the beginning of the vaccine rollout in this pandemic. Did you ever think that if you had done that, we would not have required mandates?

You all have parents, grandparents, kids and siblings. Please start thinking of them.

We used to have so much to be proud of in Canada. Where have we gone wrong?

Judy Morris

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