Convoy misguided

It is with significant puzzlement that I observe the supporters and drivers of the “Freedom Convoy” currently operating across Canada.

One would have to be completely uninformed to deduce that vaccination mandates are in any way contributing to the supply chain crisis currently being experienced globally.

The assertions that vaccine mandates could lead to empty shelves and a food crisis are ludicrous, to say the least. Nobody is going to go hungry because of vaccination mandates. Yes, there may be a shortage of some edibles due to the supply chain impediments – but we will survive, and comfortably.

The supply chain problems have been greatly increased by the Omicron (variant) which is fast-spreading and is keeping more people from the workplace. People have more money to spend after the lockdowns and thus increased demand is exacerbating the supply problems.

The truckers vaccination mandates were announced in November 2021 by both Canada and the U.S. Truckers have had plenty of time to prepare and 90% of international truckers have been vaccinated and agree with the policy. Their protest “convoy” is just contributing to transportation problems.

The Canadian Truckers’ Association does not support this convoy and neither should we. These truckers are simply anti-vaxxers who happen to be truckers. They are not only putting their fellow truckers at risk, but all North Americans.

They are encouraged by the Conservative leadership across Canada, and the Trumpsters in the U.S., simply for political reasons.

Continuing to work unvaccinated is, without a doubt, going to contribute to the spread of the virus and thus increase the workforce and supply chain problems.

Unfortunately, what we see and hear in the media is the convoy and its supporters and not the vast majority who care for their families and neighbours and support vaccine mandates.

It is time for the silent majority to speak out. This is not about politics. It is about the health of our communities.

Patrick MacDonald

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