Get vaccinated

As a triple-vaccinated senior who has not had a single side effect of Covid, I fail to understand the reluctance to get (vaccine) shots, except for those with medical exemptions.

I have had many vaccines offered (to me) in my life and am still standing.

I am sure most of those opposing vaccines had childhood vaccinations and are still standing. I had a relative who was not given the polio vaccine as a child and had a disability from polio the rest of her life.

Do people take other medications and heck their ingredients for headaches, heartburn, muscle pain, or multiple other prescription and non prescription drugs without question? Have they had hospital stays, life-saving surgeries, (as I have) and accepted medication without question and are still standing?

On mandates and the law, do they support seatbelts? Do they drink and drive? Do they text and drive?

I care about the people I know and don’t know wherever I am by wearing masks, following all mandates and using the vaccine passport where required in order to support preventing the spread.

People need to put others above yourself, find caring, sympathy and support for all the lives lost and those in hospitals—vaccinated & unvaccinated, as well as their families and health care staff.

Mary Lou Siemens, Kelowna

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