Truckers thanked

For the past two years, truckers, nurses and doctors, working without vaccines, have proven able to provide essential services without contracting covid disease.

The country has now reached a tipping-point when the implementation of uncompromising health care mandates is doing more harm than good.

With a convoy of trucks now rolling to Ottawa in the name of freedom, the marginal benefit of full vaccine compliance is about to be weighed against a societal rebellion. I sincerely hope our elected officials have considered the negative implications of their hard-line approach, taken to force citizens to accept (vaccine) shots.

In years to come, we will find that fear-based government mandates prolonged this plague.

Pandemics do become endemics. Freedom Convoy 2022 may signal that the endemic phase of Covid is now.

Thank you truckers and healthcare workers. Shots or not, all of your efforts are appreciated. Your bravery and mettle is admired.

“May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back.”

Malcolm Potts, Okanagan Valley

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