Convoy not about vaccine

Re.: Thoughts on truck convoy (Castanet, Jan. 25)

After watching the short video Castanet produced asking what people thought about the trucker convoy, I was surprised to see pretty much all those who were asked their opinions were under the impression it is all about vaccines. It isn’t.

The convoy is making its way (to Ottawa) to stop the mandates that have been placed on the Canadian people.

Personally, I fully support those who are taking a stand to end mask mandates, vaccination passports, lockdowns and firings due to your (refusal to vaccinarte), which up to 15 months ago was no one’s business but your own.

Many countries across the globe are ending restrictions.

While I acknowledge Covid is real, it has been politicized by our inept government. Rather than spending money on hospitals or treatment centres, they spend (large sums on) TV ads, radio ads, billboards and passports that do nothing but give the vaccinated a feeling that they are safe.

My guess is that the convoy will converge on Ottawa and it will be the biggest protest this country has ever seen.

D. MacKinnon

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