'Be brave, choose love'

Masked, unmasked, vaccinated, unvaccinated. It does not matter for this too shall pass. What does matter is how we treat one another. In one year’s time or in five years, when we look back what will we see? What regrets will we have?

How we treat one another matters because with angry thoughts and angry words towards one another, we lose a little bit of our humanity. We stop seeing the ones we loved and begin to think of them as our enemy. To what end?

There are no winners when love is lost. There are no winners when families are destroyed. There are no winners when friendship is lost. There are no winners when neighbours become enemies.

Be brave, choose love no matter what.

What you think, what you do and what you say impacts not only others but your very own soul. So do not let this (Covid) virus destroy the very fabric of your character. You have far more to lose with thoughts driven by anger, resentment, and judgement. Choose love, compassion, understanding and unity every time. For that is the great road, that is the right path and that path will fill you up and give you the greatest gift of all—peace.

Geri Lee Sayers

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