No sympathy for truckers

I am sorry people, but I am sick of whiners.

I am fed up with people who chose to travel to another country for non-essential reasons against public health orders in the middle of a pandemic and then complain and whine about that country’s Covid protocol or even our own for returning home.

Just stop it already and stay home, end of your problem. You knew the risks and took them anyway so you have no right to whine. I have no sympathy for you.

The same goes for the misinformed truckers (driving) across Canada under the banner of freedom to complain to (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau about a U.S. policy.

So far, they have had an exemption (to cross the Canada-U.S. border unvaccinated) that they knew was coming to an end. All the gullible Canadians donating to them (through a Go Fund Me page) is mind boggling.

Anyone who has lived through a war and survived the restrictions of war might have an argument about freedom but these selfish people do not.

Grab some common sense people.

Carole Kormendy

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