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Re.: Poll: Pay parking at hospitals (Castanet, Jan. 22)

No one ever goes to the hospital for fun. If ever there should be free parking it should be at hospitals. Sadly it took the Covid pandemic for hospitals to do the right thing and offer free parking.

The idea that revenue from pay parking contributes to hospitals is a farce. The actual percentage lot contractors pay toward the hospital is so minuscule, it is an absolute joke. The parking lot contractors that were brought in are greedy and take merciless advantage of people going through a crisis

The kindness of extending free parking at hospitals is a small thing with huge benefits at a time when people need it most.

Do the right thing and keep free parking at the hospital

Wilma Van Vliet, Penticton

I definitely feel free parking should be available for patients, staff, volunteers and hospital visitors. Other non-hospital users taking ­advantage of the freebie while conducting business that’s not hospital related should (have vehicles) towed away and pay a substantial fine.

And while they're fining the parking culprits, how about implementing a non-vaxxer fee or deductible for using the hospital facilities to provide any service for a non-vaxxer Covid sickness.

Murray Ross

I just wanted to make a comment about the recent decision to go back to paid parking at hospitals in B.C., saying it is because non-hospital users are taking advantage of parking and are doing so for free. How do they know this?

I recently had to go to emergency myself three times in a matter of two weeks. One day I spent four hours there before I walked out because I just wasn't well enough to sit and wait. The next time I braved it for eight hours before I was seen and the last time, I was in there for four hours to drain two litres of fluid from around my lung.

So what I'm saying is when you go to the hospital you are going to be there a long time. You would have to follow every person to see where they go to determine if they are not hospital users.

Larry Sailer

I would like to know how much of the $78 million hospitals saved on hospital parking fees was paid the outfits owning the parking contract. You know it is not government-controlled, it is farmed out to parking companies.

Was it $16 million? Was it $20 million? Nice income for the parking companies for not having to do anything for two years.

But the big question is why the government is farming out this lucrative business when the initial investment is next to zero?

Further, all hospital parking should be free to the visitors and occupants of the hospital.

Gene Maskulak

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