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Re.: Mathieu Nouquet’s letter Argument no longer valid (Castanet, Jan. 18)

I am very confused when this is the response I get (to my letter — Mild inconvenience, Castanet, Jan. 18).

We have not been in a lockdown since 2020 and I am not sure what is meant by "they don't work". If you were referring to the fact that it doesn't make the virus go away that is not the point of lockdowns in the first place. They are to slow the spread to prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

I guess everyone has forgotten healthcare workers are still dealing with the trauma of this pandemic as unvaccinated people are still taking up valuable services.

I also don't want to hear you can still get the virus with the vaccine as I and everyone else is aware of it and that just tells me you don't understand that preventing hospitalization is important regardless if vaccinated people are still getting sick, we just get to stay home with the sniffles instead of with a tube down our throats.

I will once again reiterate, we have all the tools to fight this pandemic and keep businesses open however people continually refuse to use them is causing circuit breaker actions to occur I am not sure what else you expect to happen.

The virus is going to exist regardless. I am well aware of that but hospitals and the people who need medical services need to be protected.

We are expecting shortages everywhere and that is due to the fact that sick people can't work and (the) Omicron (variant) is highly contagious.

I, for one, am tired of empty shelves and closures but unless we work together to prevent as many hospitalizations as we can, I don't foresee lockdowns (which is not what this was) to stop.

Masking, hand-washing, vaccines and social distancing will help with this. If you think this is oppression then I guess it's hopeless.

Christine Pegg

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