Stop abusing hospital staff

Re.: Missy Thickett’s letter Appalling behaviour at KGH (Castanet, Jan. 19)

This is about the people who are so rude to nurses and all health personnel, such as the patient who laughed when she explained the last nurse who did a nose swab on her "got slapped.”

If she thought her remark was hilarious, she's got a very twisted sense of humour.

She should be told to apologize to the nurse or be denied treatment and kicked out— I don't care what her health issue was.

She's obviously like that with everyone and will not learn to act better unless she's truly confronted with it.

There needs to be more security present at the emergency ward to handle situations like this immediately. That behavior should not be tolerated.

Why should any (hospital) staff put up with that? There's no excuse.

Beverly Ryder

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