Stop whining, complaining

Re.: Ian Palmer’s letter Don’t shoot the messenger (Castanet, Jan 19)

I agree wholeheartedly with Ian Palmer’s recent letter.

If people put half as much energy into trying to stop this crazy virus that they put into whining and complaining about it, think how much better off we’d be at this point.

Instead of embracing the fact that scientists were already working on this very vaccine years before the virus reared it’s ugly head proves we live in the greatest country in the world.

Yes, we have problems. There is nothing perfect in this world but personal attacks on (provincial health officer) Dr. Bonnie Henry are uncalled for. She is doing her job and following the science. She doesn’t have to explain her reasons for her decisions to anyone. It’s what she gets paid for.

People should be thankful we had access to a good vaccine very quickly. We wouldn’t be doing nearly as well as we are (if not). Think of the poor countries that can’t even get the vaccines to put into people’s arms.

It’s pretty small thing to ask people to protect themselves and their fellow man by taking a small prick to the arm.

N. Brown, Kelowna

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