Don't shoot the messengers

It's amazing the sheer number of complaints targeting our elected officials, health professionals and advisors arising from this COVID pandemic.

All these complainers are targeting the wrong thing. The people we've elected and appointed to protect us during an emergency are not the problem. The virus is the problem. We elect and appoint them to do exactly what they have been doing, which is to make very difficult decisions during a very difficult time and probably decisions we don't like, all for the best of the community as a whole.

They are, in the midst of an ever changing pandemic, trying to make sound decisions in very difficult times. Add to the mix a minority who are determined to claim their rights are being abused and who choose not to take part in the solutions.

There is a solution and it has been available for almost a year. If everyone accepted it at the outset, we would not be in this continued battle against COVId. This solution is simple—get vaccinated.

We've accepted smallpox, whooping cough, polio and countless other vaccinations throughout our lives, so why the sudden reluctance?

If you're unlucky enough to end up in the (hospital’s) emergency department, I’ll guarantee you won’t quiz the doctor or decline any of the injections they want to give you, based on not knowing what's in them. Why Not?

It's time to stop shooting the messenger(s) and face the real problem, the virus, and become part of the solution.

Ian Palmer

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