Appalling behaviour at KGH

On Jan. 14, I was a patient in the Kelowna General Hospital emergency department.

The care I received from the nurses and physicians was excellent. The nine hours I spent (there) were well worth the time as I had multiple tests performed and received attentive care from the nurses and physician.

At no time during the nine hours did I even think to complain about the wait as I was happy to receive care but during my time there it became apparent humanity has taken a nose dive in its ability to show respectful, courteous behaviour towards humans.

I witnessed people complaining about wait times when they had been there only an hour, people smack talking the nurses and physicians and witnessed a patient laughing when she explained the last nurse who did a nose swab on her “got slapped.”

What is this world coming to when people accept, and truly believe, it is OK to physically abuse nurses? In what world is this right? It is a sad state of affairs that this patient showed no remorse for her actions and actually thought it was hilarious. Her behaviour was appalling and disgusting and she should be ashamed of herself.

While the world is not right currently, this in no way excuses violence towards nurses.

I would like to applaud all the nurses and physicians who were professional, diligent and caring in their attitude towards everyone, including the complainers and abusers.

Nurses do not have a choice in who their patients will be, but people have choice in their behaviour.

With sincere thanks to the staff in the emergency department,

Missy Thickett

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