Development concerns

I’m concerned the residents of West Kelowna are going to be blindsided by the excessive development that is happening in close proximity to the western approaches to the bridge.

Traffic congestion will continue to grow exponentially due to the shortsighted decisions of the City of West Kelowna and unrestricted WFN development on the Bluffs above Shelter Bay.

By encouraging excessive and unreasonable developments such as Shelter Bay and Sol Aqua on Campbell Road, traffic flow across the bridge will eventually come to a standstill.

Plans are in the works for two high rises beside Dockside Marine and for 10-storey high-rises on the Nineteen Greens Pitch and Putt site.

Currently, the lineups for the morning commute reach as far back as Boucherie Road, Hudson Road and, sometimes, to Bartley Road. Before one can blink, they may reach as far as Daimler, Grizzly, Butt or Gellatley Roads.

A second crossing is decades away but the need for one is rapidly approaching. Be forewarned this is the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

Scott Rowland, West Kelonwa

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