Gyms no worse than others

It saddened me when the gyms were closed.

The gym was the one place I went where I could escape for an hour and come out feeling de-stressed.

I would wipe down the equipment before and after I used it, as did 95 percent of the other patrons. On top of that, the gym staff were constantly cleaning and insuring there were adequate cleaning supplies.

I go to the supermarket and it's a free for all, with people rushing around, shoppers choosing which fruit and veggies are best and picking up several (pieces) before deciding which is to their liking. The entire supermarket is like that.

In fact, all retail stores are like that. Yes, people wear a mask and they may even sanitize their hands at the entrance. But not all will do that. At gas stations, who cleans their hands before putting gas in their car?

At my gym, you have to produce your vaccination records. There is sanitizer at the entrance and in the change room—in fact, everywhere in the gym there is hand sanitizer.

Let's reopen the gyms. Precautions are in place.

Is it 100 percent safe from Covid spreading? No. But neither is buying groceries, gas or going to any other consumer outlet.

At least going to a gym is healthy and healthy people frequent gyms.

David Wood, Kelowna

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