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Re.: Gyms defying provincial health orders and staying open and seniors separated

Wow. (Provincial health officer Dr.) Bonnie Henry has come a long way.

Now, when she is asked to produce proof of (Covid-19) cases in gyms, she cannot give an answer and says “it just is” when asked about the high risk in gyms. How professional.

So, in other words, do as I say, not as I do.

I am in favour of all the gyms that stayed open. This is their right and if the powers that be can't answer the questions, then it is time for them to move on and be replaced.

On to another subject, not allowing Mr. Leffek to be with his wife on her birthday because she can feed herself is absolutely ridiculous. (Denied a birthday visit, Castanet, Jan. 9)

What gives anyone the right to keep a spouse from being with his loved one? What is heaven’s name is happening in this world?

If everyone is so afraid, then stay locked up at home. After two years, we are still wearing masks, there are lockdowns, people are out of business and jobs have been lost (sone just in time for Xmas and New Year’s).

Personally, I am going out and will take my chances. And yes, I am fully vaccinated.

Dianne Dueck

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