Balancing act

Pretty much everything in life is a balancing act between what is best relative to the self-interest of the individual, of which the focus is usually money, and acting in a way that is beneficial to society as a whole.

Like it or not, we all have obligations if we want to be civilized.

Covid policy, trade with China, clearing snow from roads, temporary foreign workers and 350 years of slavery all fall under that umbrella.

Every election is, to a great extent, decided on where a political party's patronage resides on the spectrum of the individual vs society and, if inequality rises as it is in the world today, so does civil unrest.

The lions will never perceive the world from the zebras' point of view, nor vice versa, but hopefully we are more civilized than that and a society of moderation, as exists in Canada, will continue to do what is best for a majority of the people, especially meeting the needs of those disenfranchised by a dog-eat-dog world.

Canada is a great country, arguably the best in the world, and we are one big family, albeit to a degree dysfunctional. But we are still a family.

We have shown that we can do well individually while still at the same time care about others. Let's continue to do that and not lose focus on the fact that a safe, stable and harmonious society benefits everyone.

Rob Hopkins, Osoyoos

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