Low-water level warning

Let us today be a little bit philosophical and throw up the following question: “Why are we ignoring early warnings from reliable sources? Is it because we are sleeping, or is it because we are stubborn and think we know best?”

Socrates, the Greek philosopher, said: “Moderate self-criticism is healthy”.

Various weather institutes in the U.S. published articles in early 2021 that a serious drought in the (western portion) of the Americas was developing. They described the impact on the water supply in the western states of the U.S.

As Mother Nature isn’t being stopped by man-made borders, we in Canada should have realized this period of drought would also hit Western Canada.

I remember I read some letters written to Castanet in June this year about early concerns with respect to the already rather low level of Lake Okanagan. But opposite arguments were thrown into the (mix).

(So, it was no) surprise to me when I read an article recently that said the Mayor of Vernon was signalling a dangerously low level of Lake Okanagan, possibly endangering the water supply to some users.

For now I would like to leave the question of whether climate change is at the basis of the drought, (this year’s) heat dome, wildfires and atmospheric rivers, with their flooding and mudslides, in B.C.

Too many scientific articles are showing up with contradicting arguments for a “yes” or a “no” answer to that question.

Ronald Ratgers, Kelowna

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