Why's gas so expensive here

Here we go again on the gas prices in Kelowna

I find it rather interesting and frankly irritating that we are charged gas prices here in Kelowna that are not far off the prices in the Lower Mainland.

Why I find this disturbing is that in the Lower Mainland there are many additional taxes on fuel there that pay fr a multitude of services and amenities Vancouverites receive. In Kelowna we do not have the same taxes on fuel as in Vancouver however we are paying through the nose for fuel and the gas companies are reaping profits in our city.

The worst part is that no one here in authority seems to care about this price gouging.

In the last few weeks our prices in Kelowna did drop however still remained higher than Vernon, Penticton, Salmon Arm and even Osoyoos. What the heck is going on? Since when do all the gas companies here fix their prices and why is city council not dealing with this head on?

Last week we saw a drop to 145.9 per litre and today yikes, an enormous hike. Sadly, in Kelowna we constantly (hit) by having the highest prices in Okanagan. Why is this being allowed to continue?

It is high time we got a fair shake at the pumps.

With more than 20 cents more in taxes in Vancouver, we should at least be 20 cents less per litre than prices being charged in the Lower Mainland. That is certainly not the case, and it should be investigated and corrected.

It is so predictable a drop in gas prices in Kelowna is always followed by a hike. How coincidental? Price fixing across the city and (it is) perfectly fine with our civic leaders it seems.

Grant Smith, Kelowna

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