Chiropractors criticized

Re.: Pushback against mandate (Castanet, Dec. 2)

Needless to say I am disappointed in a group of professionals (chiropractors) who would knowingly put peoples lives at risk.

Yes, they have the “right” to say no to what goes into their bodies, but their potential cliental also have the "right" to know, before they put their health and lives at risk by entering a practitioner's establishment and if they are being exposed to potential infection.

If these professionals are going to be allowed to proceed with this, they should be required to visibly and audibly state their individual position and, equally important, their clinic should be required to display notification of any partitioner with this negative stance who works within the facility. I believe the innocent public is entitled to “rights” as well.

I, personally, don't have a problem with any individual’s choice to do as they deem appropriate with their own body but when they promote their position in an attempt to encourage others to threaten my health and safety, my very life, and the health and lives of all those who I love and care for as well as all those I don't even know, they should not be surprised if I and others might take offence. And don't expect an apology if I do take offence.

On a personal note, I am old enough (73) to have personally witnessed the polio epidemic when I was about eight years old. A friend of one of my sisters contracted it. With my sister, we visited her when she was allowed home, confined to an iron lung. She died before she was 15 years old.

I saw the results of the small pox epidemic, faces and bodies scared for life for those who managed to survive at least.

Do (these people), God forbid, need a visual illustration such as that?

I remember standing in line at school, on a fairly regular basis, getting another vaccine shot or booster for who knows what. But we did it for the good of the whole and all you mother's sons are alive, well and spoiled rotten because we did.

What are you doing to help, other than whining about "poor me"?

John B. Collinson, Kelowna

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