Problem comes to light

It seems the roadways in Kelowna and the street lighting is so bad that motorists have taken matters into their own hands.

I estimate 20% to 30% of drivers are now using their fog lights to illuminate those terrible roads. You know those fog lights, (the ones) that illuminate six feet in front of your vehicle.

A quick check of the definition indicates fog lights are designed to increase visibility during low-visibility situations, like fog or hard snow. There is a wide-beam pattern to light up the road.

Some vehicles have rear fog lights as well, which will be brighter than your tail lights. They are only supposed to be used in fog-like conditions.

So driving down Benvoulin Road at dusk doesn’t mean you should have fog lights on? Huh?

High intensity LED lights especially on trucks blind oncoming motorists but never mind, let’s just add some fog lights so oncoming vehicles can see you. Hint: We can see you without your fog lights.

On Wednesday, at 4:38pm between Gordon and Casorso and KLO and Benvoulin, I counted 26 vehicles with both headlights and fog lights on. It was barley dark.

Monkey see…Monkey do

Next time you see these Monkeys remember this letter and laugh.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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