No tolls on Coquihalla Hwy

Re.: Poll: Bring back Coq tolls? (Castanet, Nov. 30)

I don't like the idea of tolls on highways and here's why. British Columbians are already taxed to smithereens, it's staggering really.

Tolls will ultimately lead to taxpayers footing the bill to repair the highways anyway.

If commercial trucking companies have to pay a toll, they certainly aren't going to pay that out of pocket. They'll have to increase rates which, ultimately, will lead to higher prices at the checkout for everything since everything we purchase arrives by truck.

Further, how can we be sure tolls don't just go into general revenue?

How about we hold the government to account? We pay taxes on both provincial and federal levels and it's their job to maintain roadways, not the taxpayers.

Perhaps generous (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau could pony up some of that cash he gives away to corporations in the form of bailouts and subsidies?

We all paid our taxes—fix the highways.

Jeff Watson

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