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Re. : Poll: Bring back Coq tolls? (Castanet, Nov 30)

For sure tolls should be charged. Keep politics out of it and use the funds for proper summer and winter road maintenance and management. We ran 45 trucks and it’s the worst thing they did by shutting the tolls down.

Lance Reimer

The highway was rushed to completion when it was first built.

Even with the tolls, the highway was never properly maintained. The bridges and overpasses that have failed were never properly engineered to begin with, another reflection of the corners that were cut when building the highway.

The failures of past and present governments is on display because of their refusal to improve flood mitigation. The flaws were all brought to everyone’s attention in 2007 and little to nothing was done.

Pat Douglas

I have travelled this highway in for more than of 20 years. They should never have removed the tolls. They covered costs like repairs and keeping the highway in shape in the winter months.

In this time when we have been hit with so much disaster, plus Covid-19 and so on, it is time to reinstate the tolls so those who use it can pay for it and feel the highway is being looked after.

Donna McEnty

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