Penticton bike path not used

What is going on?

We can fund a bike path lake to lake (in Penticton) but we cannot fund Pathways, (an organization) for people with brain injuries? This makes no sense.

I guess when these bike path users show up and ride on this dangerous roadway and are hit by car or trucks because it is so dangerous, and they have brain injuries, then Penticton city council can fund Pathways.

I wonder which fund will they rob then, as the hydro fund will be empty. Great thinking council.

And where are all these bike path users? I drive on Martin Street four to five times per day and not a bike.

This is a complete waste of money by Penticton city council.

There is so much good we could have done with that money. What a waste.

We, the voters, have to vote the(council members) out and get some real thinkers and action people in city hall.

I guess when they are voted out, they can enjoy the bike path as they will have nothing to do.

Please get out and vote Penticton. We could have a much safer and better city without our current city council.

Brian Kettle

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