Concerned with truckers

Re.: B. Robson’s letter Truckers slow down! (Castanet, Nov. 26)

I am writing this letter in support of B. Robson’s letter.

Trucker’s drive way too fast on all routes, not just Highway 3 during the current flooding crisis.

So-called “professional” drivers regularly pass each other and slower vehicles on blind corners, tailgate, speed up before passing lanes and don’t allow others to pass like all the large (highway) signs ask.

It is ridiculous how they drive, constantly overdriving both their own personal skill levels, as well as (the existing) weather/and conditions.

The fine for speeding in a heavy transport vehicle should be massive. Start at $2,500 and the loss of a driver’s licence for 30 days. Let the fines and suspensions increase with each offence. Maybe that will slow them down.

Truckers are presently involved in way too many accidents on our public roadways.

The general (driving) public is bad enough. Truck Drivers should be held to a higher standard.

Did (the tragic fatal accident in) Humboldt, Sask. not teach us anything?

Kudos to B. Robson for speaking out. Sounds like this individual may be one of the few good drivers out there.

J. Staeheli

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