Flight refund runaround

I have a major problem.

I booked a flight through Westjet in September 2020. It was cancelled two days later.

The reason given was “administrative.”

I asked for a refund but the monies were put in a “travel bank.” Then, later last fall I got an email stating I could request a refund if I submitted the online form with all of our information on it. I did just that.

This fall, more than a year later, I got an email stating the information was incorrect. I again submitted the information directly from the itinerary. I then received an email stating our refund had been approved but that I had to call Westjet and confirm the credit card information, along with the Westjet ID number. I have tried.

I am so frustrated. I have requested three callbacks. The first two no one called and the next one is for Dec. 3 at 8:15 p.m. This is totally unacceptable.

I am currently in Mexico but it states on Westjet's website that it returns calls anywhere in the world Westjet flies. So, why no call? I have no idea but I am not stopping this fight to get our money back.

I am at my wit's end.

Marilyn Roux

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