More traffic cops needed

Re.: B Robson's letter Truckers, slow down (Castanet, Nov. 26)

I agree, more needs to be done by the RCMP and CVSE regarding the way trucks move around our province.

Not only do the truckers need to slow down, so does everyone else.

We have seen too many deaths this year due to excessive speed. Aside from people making the personal choice of ignoring speed limits and other rules of the road part of the blames lies elsewhere.

ICBC and the Ministry of Transportation need to take a good look at rules in other provinces. Clearly their model isn't working. Great that they tack on penalty points but really that money is like putting money in the collection plate at church to ease your guilt.

A real demerit point system needs to be put in place, collect too many demerit points and you get wonderful prizes like walking, riding a bike or taking the bus. The graduated licensing system needs to be looked at as well. These forever “N’s” have to go.

If you can't get your licence after five years, it shouldn't be an automatic renewal because you paid a fee. At the very least another written and road test should be done.

The RCMP and CVSE need to be out on the road more on the highways. Just watch one episode of Highway Thru Hell and you can see how poorly trained some of these drivers are. Rules for trucks need to change as well. Governors need to be installed and no driving in the left lane on multi lane roads.

Every cop should be a traffic cop. It was part of their basic training right? I admit to being flabbergasted when a Mountie in uniform, driving an unmarked car, had to stop his left turn because a minivan ran the red light while turning left in front of him. His reply to me "I'm not a traffic cop.”

I guess he was going to his station at the mall then.

Winter is only a few weeks away and soon the Highway 97 500, the Gordon 400 and Benvoulin 250 will all become demolition derbies (in Kelowna). You know the drivers I'm talking about, the ones with the last-second brake, the ones who don't slow down for the car making a left turn in front of them or those who turn right but the car following hasn't even let up on the gas.

Remember there are others besides yourself on the roads. You may not get hurt but the driver you hit may suffer for years.

M. Boyer, Kelowna

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