Agree trucks too fast on hwy

Re.: B Robson's letter Truckers, slow down (Castanet, Nov 26)

I totally agree with Mr. Robson about the drivers out there, especially along Highway 3 now.

I came home on Tuesday, but not without some fun along the way. Well, actually, it wasn't fun.

First, a great number of us were stuck along the side of the highway at the entrance to Highway 3, coming from Hope, heading to Princeton and beyond. We had to wait, while they cleared the highway about 20 kilometres in due to, you guessed it, a jack-knifed semi.

So, obviously speed was the factor, as the highway (did not have any) snow on it. Then, once we all were cleared to start driving on Highway 3, (drivers) started doing their usual stupid things, such as driving too fast. Then, it started to snow, which for us, smarter drivers, meant slow down and drive to the conditions. But nope, still people think—just like Mr. Robson said—that they are on the Coquihalla Highway so they go barreling down the highway, passing people when it was not safe to do so.

I backed off from these people as they went by me, as they are now kicking up dirt and gravel .and I heard a few (rocks) ding off my windshield. Thank goodness I didn't get a chip or crack in my windshield.

I encountered a good snowfall further up the highway in the Pass area and the snowflakes were coming down the size of quarters and, lo and behold, vehicles were right on the bumpers of the vehicles in front of them. Nice of them to do that, when the drivers (in front) are surely trying to pay attention to what's

in front of them, not behind them.

I was so happy to get to Princeton and get into better highway conditions, but I did not panic or anything, as I had a great vehicle to drive, with the right winter tires on.

But it just drives me when people do this type of driving along the only route we all have between the Interior and the Coast, with not a care in the world. If they have an accident, there goes that highway route again, shut down for however long it takes to clear things up.

So, in light of the terrible accident that happened on Highway 3 on Saturday, which closed the highway down again, I too wish there were more police on this highway, as well as CVSE units, pulling these yahoos pulled over. Fine them and if they get caught driving (again) with undue care and caution, or endanger others on the highway, pull their licenses.

This may sound harsh, but, I would rather get these people off our highways then let them continue to put us all in danger when they are barrelling down (the road).

I drive these highways every couple of weeks and I have never have gone one trip, either way, where I haven't had an encounter with at least one trucker, in some form or fashion (driving like this).

So again, yes Mr. Robson, I am totally with you on what you said and only wish something could be done to ensure all of our safety out on our highways.

All it really takes is for drivers to slow down.

T. Martin

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