Regrets 'helping' the RCMP

Re.: RCMP promise to do better (Castanet, Nov. 24)

Once upon a time I fought for the Kelowna RCMP.

I fought for a Sexual Assault Unit here. I gave it everything I had. Some say too much.

I caused quite a stir in our community, yelling at city council meetings, holding one-woman protests in front of the detachment and outside City Hall and calling out the (RCMP) superintendent, the mayor and anyone who got in my way.

A Sexual Assault Unit eventually came to the Kelowna RCMP. It felt like a win — a small one, but a win nonetheless. I didn't hold out much hope for change.

As time has gone on and the Kelowna detachment has undergone changes, I had glimmers of hope. They are gone now. To be honest, they have been (gone) for awhile, for several reasons.

We heard this week of yet another survivor of sexual assault being told by the Kelowna RCMP they weren't worthy of an investigation. We heard they got an apology from Supt. Triance. We also heard the survivor found that apology hollow.

We heard Const. Smith has now "retired" from the Kelowna RCMP. What exactly does that mean? Has she retired from Kelowna and been moved to another detachment? What a grand idea. Make another community suffer her.

Has she retired completely? With nothing more than a lecture?

Has she "retired" for completely different reasons? You know, like not being vaccinated. Tis the season for that.

I regret investing so much energy into helping an organization that so clearly will never change what its is at its core.

An organization that resents me for helping them. I should never have fought for a sexual assault unit. I should have been fighting to defund and abolish the RCMP from the beginning. It was a waste of my time and Kelowna's money. I am sorry.

Four of Kelowna's top cops were at (the) city council (meeting) on Monday. As I walked in the door to the lobby—I try to attend every meeting—Supt. Triance greeted me.

I am grateful this story didn't break until Tuesday. I promised myself no more “outraged survivor" antics at council. I’m not sure I could have kept that promise. It took a lot to nod and walk to a seat as it was.

I have debated speaking out about this for awhile now but I am nothing if not true to my convictions.

Abolish the RCMP

Heather Friesen

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