Human-caused fires

The common theme I have noted in media and other reports is the connection of the number of forest fires to climate change.

There is a relationship between climate change and forest fires, but this subject requires additional discussion.

The current events, along with those of the past couple of summers, are related to climate change. In addition to this, the flooding can arguably be directly related to the deforestation caused by forest and grassland fires. What we should not lose sight of is many of those fires we caused ourselves. Many of them should never have started.

While climate change, infestations and other factors have all contributed to the severity of the fire seasons, we cannot give a free pass to those fires caused by negligence and stupidity and then conveniently lay the blame on climate change.

Sorry, but most of the destructive fires, and the consequential damage, are caused by humans. The severity of the fires may be greater but there wouldn’t be a fire without ignition.

We are all part of the bigger problem. Take care in the forests with your quads, ATV’s, campfires, bush parties and other activities that pose risk to our forests, grasslands, and our communities.

Rex Gould, Penticton

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