Climate action needed

Re: Jim Church’s letter Weather vs. climate (Castanet, Nov. 23)

Jim Church, while I agree that weather is not climate, I do have some issues with much of your letter and how it paints the conclusions of the IPCC report.

From the report (SPM-10, AR6 WGI):

"It is virtually certain that hot extremes (including heatwaves) have become more frequent and more intense across most land regions since the 1950s, while cold extremes (including cold waves) have become less frequent and less severe, with high confidence that human-induced climate change is the main driver of these changes. Some recent hot extremes observed over the past decade would have been extremely unlikely to occur without human influence on the climate system."

Note the use of "high confidence" and the direct reference to an event such as the heat dome we experienced this summer.

While headlines might be questionable to garner more clicks, the reporting does cover the material in a way that we should be paying attention to. Sure, it can be said to be pedantic to use "climate" when discussing the "weather" but the facts still stand—it's only going to get worse. And most everyone is finding excuses to not do anything, i.e. "well within natural long-term variability".

The IPCC agrees that humans have driven the high-speed changes we've experienced over the last 200 years. but like busy parents with delinquent teenagers we don't want to take responsibility for our role, instead just saying it's a phase that we don't have any control of.

If we do nothing we will continue to suffer more of these events (high confidence) but if we do something we have a chance (medium confidence) of averting the worst outcome.

We say that the cost of doing something is too high if it would ruin us. But I ask, is the cost of this summer's heat dome (600 deaths), the wildfires (over $500 million this year alone), and the recent floods (haven't heard a dollar figure yet) worth twiddling our thumbs?

Landon Bradshaw, Kelowna

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