Weather vs climate

Contrary to the media’s incessant megaphone, and unscientific opinion polls, there is a difference between weather events and climate.

Weather is something that happens in the shorter term. Climate involves longer term trends, observed over at least 30 years duration. These parameters are agreed upon by most meteorologists and the UN’s IPCC.

The mainstream media, more intent on clicks and eyeballs, ignores this and likes to perpetrate their own made-in-house “climate emergencies” rather than the more accurate “weather emergencies.”

Contrary to media impressions, nowhere in the IPCC scientific reports is there an indication that there is a significant increase (“high confidence “ is the term used in those reports) in catastrophic weather events, be that rainfall, extreme heat, wind-energy events (hurricanes and tornadoes), drought and so on. In fact, there is clear indication that these are well within natural long-term variability. Contrary to media-contrived public opinion, this would also include the extreme heat and recent rainfall in British Columbia.

These latter events, while extremely devastating, can only be tied to “a changing climate” if done so by constant propaganda by said media. That isn’t science, that’s public manipulation.

Jim Church, Kelowna

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