Questions about vax for kids

Re.: PACs host vaccine forum (Castanet, Nov. 20)

I read that the head of the Canadian Medical Association is to host a forum to discuss the impending use of the covid vaccine on kids aged 5 to 11.

Presumably the intent of the forum is to sell parents on the idea of a vaccine against something which is of very little harm to their children, in most cases being like a cold or a mild flu.

Fortunately my own children are old enough to make up their own minds about the vaccine so I don't have to personally confront this decision, but if I were a parent of a younger child I would definitely have concerns, and I hope that parents will use the link in the article to ask questions of Dr. Katherine Smart.

Some of my concerns are:

• How can the CMA give assurances about the long term effects of a vaccine that has been in use for less than a year, and only received approval for use by adults in July this year?

• The government has coerced (some) adults to get the vaccine even if they didn't want it. Will they now employ these same tactics on children?

• Will the vaccine status of children be kept confidential in order to ensure that children are not victimized at school?

• Can we have assurances that school staff will remain neutral, and not use the classroom to encourage kids to get vaccinated when it may be against the wishes of their parents?

• Most European countries are not vaccinating children under 12. Why is it that Canada is recommending its use in children as young as five years of age?

I urge parents with questions of their own to use the link in the article to voice their concerns to the CMA.

I will be interested to see whether these issues are addressed in her forum.

Peter Emery, Kelowna

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