Parental critic defended

Re.: Don’t judge other parents (Castanet, Oct. 25)

This is for E. Harggam, who felt the need to shame some couple that likely needed a night out—even if that meant going to an upper-end restaurant to ensure a quiet atmosphere.

Did you consider that perhaps this couple wanted to have that quiet night out. Maybe this was their first time out in months. Covid has certainly kept many of us away from restaurants.

Have you ever had to cancel or alter plans when your babysitter cancelled? Having a child does not give anyone carte blanche to disrupt an entire business or public space. The onus is on the one disrupting a situation to remove themselves.

Perhaps you should look within yourself and realize that you shamed some couple that wanted to splurge on an occasional treat. Instead of rushing to judgement, put yourself in that couple's shoes.

Raising a child requires a little application of discipline, something that is sorely lacking with a lot of parents these days.

I hope you take the time to really think about what is important in life and what is worth focusing on, Iit's not putting up with someone else's kids screaming in a restaurant.

Stop judging people for things that quite frankly, do not concern you.

L. Gardiner

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