Shrill toddler in restaurant

Lack of Parenting

Recently, my friend and I went out for a nice meal at a fine dining establishment.

This was not a fast food or typical family restaurant. Its prices are not inexpensive but occasionally we like to splurge on ourselves. Looking forward to this occasional treat helps deal with all the Covid stress.

Unfortunately for many dining that night, a couple brought a toddler as well. The (child) squealed and shrieked at the top of her little lungs as loud as she could every few minutes as long as we were there. They came in about half way through our meal.

Her parents did absolutely nothing to indicate to her that was not acceptable. They just let her shrill noise continue as if they didn’t hear her. All the rest of the diners sure did.

What kind of a parent does that? That little girl now knows she can do what ever she wants, wherever she wants and there will be no consequences at all. She controls the family at approximately one-year-old. She showed everyone dining that she is in charge, not her parents.

I guess that little person would not allow her parents to get a baby sitter for an hour or perhaps she is so bad from lack of parenting, nobody they know including their parents, grandparents, friends or neighbours will accept the challenge.

Can hardly wait for her to enter the terrible twos.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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