Triage the unvaccinated

Correct me if I'm wrong but at the beginning of the pandemic health officials were preparing for the worst.

Refrigerator trucks were on stand by as temporary morgues. Army tents might have to be set up in hospital parking lots to handle overflow. But most telling of all was the statement that ICU beds would have to be triaged.

If your illness was so bad and you probably wouldn't recover, you would be made as comfortable as possible until you passed.

Fast forward 22 months. We now have a vaccine that will take time to provide immunity similar to the polio and smallpox vaccines. We now also have ICUs and hospitals swamped with COVID patients.

We have people who require potentially life-saving surgeries put on hold. It's not their fault they got sick with cancer, need joint replacements or need organ transplants. But those who chose not to get vaccinated and or took part in mass gatherings did make a choice.

So let’s look after those who are sick through no fault of their own.

The COVID patients who elected not to get vaccinated can now be looked after in military hospital tents in the parking lots attended to by health care workers who choose not to get vaccinated.

What makes today different than 22 months ago when triaged health care was first brought up?

Mark Boyer, Kelowna

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