Not heartless or divisive

Re: Duane Arthur’s letter: Heartless and divisive (Castanet, Oct. 19)

I prefer to think that some writers (myself included) are more frustrated than heartless and divisive.

For one—as part of the 82% fully vaccinated B.C. residents—I feel a complete lack of understanding toward those individuals who refuse to work for the common goal and take some of the pressure off our embattled health care workers. If the vast majority of us get a little strident now and then, at least we’re not picketing hospitals and schools trying to inflict our views on others.

For another, does anyone remember the onset of the virus? We didn’t have enough masks to go around and we were praying for anything that medical science could give us that would help save us, our communities and our functioning society. Now we have it.

We survived the lockdowns, although there were protests. I’m proud to be a British Columbian and a Canadian because we, as a province and a country, weathered a horrific storm (for the most part) with grace and dignity.

The storm is not over and is showing signs that it might become worse. How is this possible? Masks help but they’re not infallible. Vaccines are a godsend but they also are not infallible. Fully vaccinated people can still get and transmit the virus. But what would happen if we could get a “firebreak” where we could get the virus down to easily manageable proportions?

If there are no hosts and good barriers to the spread, it might be possible. I say “might” because we really don’t know. But isn’t it worth a try?

If we can stop one unnecessary death, or 10, or a hundred simply by upping the number of fully vaccinated and masked people, wouldn’t that be a great thing?

So, what’s the hold-up? I think we all know.

So please forgive us, the masked and vaccinated, for being frustrated. We are now in a situation where the tail is wagging the dog. Maybe we’re just tired of turning the other cheek. Maybe we’re just tired of a few of our neighbours acting like spoiled brats. Maybe it just time for us to let our thoughts and feelings out.

We are the majority and we still love our neighbours. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time for this horrible pandemic to end.

We can do it. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Please.

Gary Lynch

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