9 p.m. security walk

Re.: Time for the 9 p.m. routine (Castanet, Oct. 19)

We are advised to do a 9 p.m. security walk to make sure we are all buttoned up for the night.

Common sense, in this day and age, suggests we hide everything from vandals.

My question is, if my vehicle and possessions are on my property—and I think trespass comes to mind—why should I feel that I have to live like in Fort Knox?

Our judicial system is broken. I empathize with the police. They work hard to solve these crimes but it’s a “catch and release” judicial system. How demoralizing a job it must be to help the public to then see these criminals—many who are repeaters—be released to do more crimes before there are any consequences.

I am demoralized with the (belief) perpetrators have more rights and leeway than victims. The victim has worked hard to get their possessions and property. Nobody gave it to them. So what gives these criminals the right to enter their private property and help themselves?

Plus, some (criminals) feel they are owed.

My latest experience was going by the bottle/recycle depot on Bredin Road.

I was sad to see the commercial complex beside the depot is now fenced to protect its customers.

I was aghast to see the ill-gotten gains of previous nights’ wares being traded. I am not a fence but definitely saw wares that were not purchased legally.

What bothered me was the sheer openness and cavalier way of exchanging goods out in the open—no back alley trading there. (It was done in) broad daylight, around 10 a.m.

So now we are asked to do a patrol at 9 p.m. By. 9:05pm it’s time for the crimes to commence. How sad and depressing.

Kelowna’s criminals are running this city.

Oops. Time for my 9 p.m. patrol.

Good luck Kelowna

Irene Hawrysh, Kelowna

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