Heartless and divisive

Re.: KGH CU capacity reaction (Castanet, Oct. 19)

I’ve read many letters on Castanet about Covid-19 over the past almost two years.

There have been many well-written, thought-out opinions on both sides of vaccinations or the unvaccinated. However, lately some opinions have become downright mean-spirited at a time people need to give each other understanding and respect.

Anyone suggesting that the unvaccinated are problems, or that they should wait in line for medical care in ICU, or that they carry more Covid 19 than anyone else are just plain wrong. Maybe fear does funny things to people, I don’t know.

The science tells us from our own government that the vaccinated and unvaccinated are both equal carriers of Covid-19, so we all need to be cautious.

I’m fine with vaccinations and respect the fact that there are those that decide to make other choices. They have that right. Vilifying the unvaccinated is just wrong.

Let’s not lose the good and loving side of humanity with one another.

Duane Arthur, West Kelowna

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