Health workers are heroes

Re.: C Boldt’s letter Stop the 'hero-worship' (Castanet, Oct. 18)

All I can really say after reading C Boldt’s letter is: Are you kidding me?

Clearly C Boldt thinks Covid-19 is just another flu. Wrong. Not even close.

And clearly he or she thinks health care professionals—all of them from doctors to nurses, technologists to cleaners—do work no different and no more important than a store clerk, call centre agent, truck driver or government worker. Wrong again.

Nothing against any of those people but none of them deal with life or death daily as part of their work. None of them are in the business of immediate care for people and saving lives.

So, C Boldt, all I can say is I hope you don’t get sick and I hope you won’t ever need the services and support of the heroes in the health care system.

Part of what makes them heroes is the simple fact that regardless of your ridiculous ??opinion,? they would be there to save your life if you needed it.

Shawn Thomas, West Kelowna

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