Sight-line problems persist

I often wonder if Kelowna city council (members), senior transportation staff and other city employees actually look out the window when they drive.

All over the city there are signs obscured by trees and some have led to accidents. Surely when city workers and RCMP officers are out driving around they could report areas where signs are obscured for follow up.

And that leads to infrastructure design. Those pretty grasses and planters are nice in parking lots and traffic islands but they do obscure your view unless of course you're driving a lifted pick-up truck.

The same goes for intersection sight lines.

Burtch at Springfield has a curve just before the intersection where you can't see approaching vehicles. It’s not a problem if traffic is only moving at 50km/hr but it's usually closer to 80 km/h.

The traffic circle on Burtch has an obscured sight line from the wall surrounding the strata (development there). Go further along and the hedge at KLO and Gordon prevents you from seeing pedestrians crossing the turn lane.

Surely these sorts of issues must be discussed in planning? Or not?

Mark Boyer, Kelowna

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