Why not work from home?

If the B.C. government had a sincere interest in (public sector) staff’s holistic health, it would allow those who can, to continue to work remotely from home five days a week.

Public servants managed to effectively do their jobs for 19 months from their home offices. Government continued to function for the past year and half this way. Remote work is also preventative in spreading a variety of contagious illness.

Continued remote work should be an option for unvaccinated employees with legitimate concerns who otherwise risk the punitive consequences of losing their homes, pensions and ability to provide for their families , which will only serve to create more homelessness and mental health issues.

Does the government really need a whole new set of problems that could be easily avoided?

Why do I hear an angry mob yelling “you get what you deserve!” So much for being kind, calm and safe. Working at home is a kind, calm and safe alternative, and it helps to keep others safe, too.

People have suffered enough. Creating more suffering when there are viable alternatives, just doesn’t make sense. Working remotely is a compassionate, fair and sensible solution and we have not heard one good reason why, after successfully doing this for 19 months, it can’t continue.

Mary Standell, Victoria

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